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Engagement from a Wedge – 10 APR 2016

From an I formation, breaking into a wedge and engaging balloon targets.



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usCROW Training 24JAN2016 at 1500 hours

Welcome back Patriots.  Our first training session of the new year will be at a members home, the home address was delivered by text.

Training subjects will be:

  1. Lock picking 101
  2. Proper radio operations–please bring your radios
“Today, we need a nation of Minutemen, citizens who are not only prepared to take arms, but citizens who regard the preservation of freedom as the basic purpose of their daily lives and who are willing to consciously work and sacrifice for that freedom.”
~President John F. Kennedy
UPDATE 25JAN2016  – Training was great and so were the many training aids.  We had see-through as well as conventional locks and doors.  By the end of training we could all pop open most padlocks in under five seconds.   Many thanks to our trainer this week.
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Happy New Year Patriots


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Happy Holidays

U.S. Crow, Sierra Nevada Command will resume training in mid January.  Until then, happy holidays!


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Night Training – Totally Different World

Today we conducted night training with stress shooting, cardio drills, pistol drills, bounding exercises over some harsh terrain, and then 4X4 out in a convoy.  The moon was 92% full providing some great illumination.  For safety purposes, each shooter wore a chemlite on their back and gun lights were mandatory for temporarily illuminating the target prior to engagement.








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Training 4 OCT 2015, Mulitiple Hajis in Northern Nevada Meet usCrow SNC


IMG_20151004_163958109 (2)



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Vehicle Searches & More

Training 13 SEP 2015 was setting up and running a tactical check point with a serpentine road block.  For the person with the truck that looked just like the ‘subject training truck’ who arrived in our training area just minutes before the ‘subject training truck’ came through… sorry ’bout that.   This was followed by searching the stopped vehicle which was fitted with mock explosives, mock narcotics, and creative places to hide guns.  Who knew people take tampons out of applicators and replace the tampons with drugs, and put the applicators back in the packages?

After the vehicles searches, we had some recreational 1919 shooting.


You may find me dead, but I’ll be in a pile of brass.


The tripod arrives next week, that will make a world of difference.

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Igniting Smoke Via Bluetooth

Today’s training, we practiced igniting smoke by Bluetooth, another great application for a smartphone.

Then had some shoot and move drills with cross training on firearms; followed up on that with HAM radio training.







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usCROW T’s


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Home Invaders In Your Bedroom

On 1 July, a 23 year old Las Vegas man was awakened by two armed intruders in his home.  One in his room, and the second attacking a 12 year old child in his home.  He was able to quickly secure his handgun, killing one intruder, and severely injuring the second.

Just 9 days before that home invasion took place, we trained for a very similar situation- A simulated bed and nightstand, the sleeper/shooter doesn’t know where the targets are being placed, the sleeper/shooter would then be gently awakened from his slumber, discover multiple targets, and engage those targets. Targets were setup based on room descriptions (doors and windows) provided by the sleeper/shooters. Very successful training, everyone should dry run it in their own homes. Just a few clips from today:

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